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Title: heat resistant flexible duct series
Model: 001
Minimal order: 100
  • Company Name: Donggaun Geli air hose processing Co.,Ltd
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250 degree heat resistant flexible duct series

-Emission tube, vibration, external wear protection, high toughness, (exhaust gas temperature to +250

Application: engine exhaust out; wear solid and strong, such as dust and fibers; activity and strong media, such as steam and smoke

Industrial dust and suction, the chemical industry;

Characteristics:high cost performance anti-vibration; outside to play through the spiral wire abrasion protection, good acid and alkali metal

Performance, and good flame retardant; toughness; bending radius is about the same diameter.

Structure: CP structure, wall materials: special high-temperature fiber coating; spiral wire, stainless steel (VA).

Temperature range: about -60 to +250 ;

Have a strong steel ring at the outer protection, you can freely drag on the ground and will not wear duct. It may also bear

The weight of the object. Fire. Waterproof. Anti-acid.

Colors: green, blue, etc.;